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From 19 - 21st of October 2020 via Zoom platform we had our first Kick off meeting for our new Erasmus + KA2 project “I am a brave and helpful person - how to teach first aid to preschool children through value-based education and practical activities

On the last 3 days the team of JOUDG Breshia had the online meeting to get to know with the future partner kindergartens from Estonia, Romania, Norway and Bulgaria and to start the preparation of the activities for the next 2 years with the main topic first aid in the kindergartens.


In our team from Breshia attended the meeting: Director Ajrije Dachi, Program Coordinator of Erasmus+ Bledi Cami, Coordinator of Educators Marija Vasilevska and Dhurata Sturce Medical person


All the partners overview the project objectives, activities and outcome also worked on responsibilities and tasks of each partner school, project budget (travelling, special costs, etc) etc. During 2 days partners had the possiblity to attend the training for first aid and in the future to deliver to their pupils the knowledge received it. 



Summary of the project

With this project our aim is to encourage children through values-based education to start noticing dangers around us, how to prevent them, how to act out in a case of an emergency and how be more caring towards each other. In addition we would like to arise teachers and adults awareness about how to have necessary skills, tools, knowledge about preventing dangers and giving first-aid and how to pass all that to our children.

The three main objectives of our project are:
• Children: children learn and experience through value-based education to notice everyday life dangers around them; how to prevent dangerous situations and how to help an injured person if needed.
• Teachers: teachers learn and share primary knowledge, use and create practical skills and tools to teach children to notice dangers from their everyday life, how to prevent them, how to call for help and how to give first aid if needed.
• Produce: free ware first aid kit (electronic material) in 5 different languages.


Regarding to this project we have a coordinating project team of 7 people from Estonia who will be in charge of running this project and partner countries such as Norway, The Republic of North Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria. All our partners have participated at least in one Strategic Partnership and one of our partners, Romania, has an experience of being a project coordinator. We feel that our partners are a good fit for this project, because they bring diverse strengths, new insights and specific competences, as described separately in the partner organization sections.This phase of filling in the project application form has shown, that all the partners are highly motivated and ready to work towards common goal. We all stand by equality, diversity and involvement - our common interest is to prepare our teachers in that sense to be innovative, brave, motivated, highly skilled and collaborative.







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