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Online meeting for Erasmus+ project "I am a brave and helpful person - how to teach first aid to preschool children through value-based education and practical activities" February 17-19 2021 Gråtass Barnehage AS

"I am a brave and helpful person - how to teach first aid to preschool children through value-based education and practical activities"

Summary of the online meetings


Erasmus+ Meeting 17th February 2021 - We meet 09.00 local time, presenting two videos as introduction. One introducing Graatass Barnehage as a private company, methodology and vision. Second video is a Guide through Graatass Barnehage Skjaerviken. - Thorough presentation of the Norwegian educational system, from kindergarten through to university. Norway presents thorough walkthrough of Norwegian health system. - For our training Norway presents “How to prevent danger in our kindergartens”. At the end there is a discussion about ability and comfortability based on wishes from parents, frameplan for specific occurrences. There is also a discussion in terms of workplace ethics in situations where there is potential for trauma. Importance of debriefing after situations occur.


- Norway presents dissemination plan. We agree upon the 1st of May being the deadline for the participants to post a written dissemination of their work up until that point. This being regardless of Bulgaria having had their LTTA meeting at this point.

- Norway presents their blog. Most other countries have not created a blog at this time but agree to working out a blog. North Macedonia has produced a blog but will be showing this later today. - Bulgaria presents results from questionnaire, highly varying results. Slight feedback about results for questionnaire.

- The Macedonian partner presents eTwinning, a thorough introduction to how eTwinning works and steps to gain access to the projects eTwinning page. We come to an agreement regarding how pictures should be handled. We come to the agreement that pictures and content should just be available to eTwin-partners. Partners are to try get as many members as possible on eTwinning over the course of these days. We move on to evaluation.


Norway presents a short video on conducting experiments outside with children from the kindergartens. Training - We work in groups with given algorithm (Estonian partner) - Margit will hold training exercises and case work today. Estonia, Bulgaria and other partner countries present cases for the exercise. North Macedonia will, due to technical difficulties, be presenting their cases for the exercise tomorrow. - We move on to considerations for when you need help resolve a crisis. When should we call the emergency numbers, when should we approach people in need of help? Remaining calm and being able to answer the necessary questions are important, and adults need to assist children in acquiring these skills. - Note: algorithm refers to what information is needed for emergency services to respond efficiently For our next assignment we are to use our cases for the exercise and frame them in terms of calling emergency services. These are to be presented after the short coffee break. Training - homework assignments (discussion is led by the Estonian partner, the Romanian partner collects works and makes sure they are completed by all the partners in advance of this meeting). The algorithm we will use for the project going forward will be. 1. Name. 2. The situation or what has happened. 3. Location 4. Efforts made thus far, if at all. This will be how we frame calls to the ambulance going forward. We should use video of a child calling emergency services. Next homework will be video of children calling emergency services, instructional video with subtitles. This is to be prepared ahead of the next LTTA meeting in Bulgaria. Structure is framed image of accident, and then overlayed with the child calling emergency services. Erasmus logo must be present, project logo as well. End credits must be present, actors, directing etcetera. Training - group works with given algorithm (Estonian partner) – introduction of the “living triangle”, made up of determining breathing, pulse and consciousness. We move on to algorithm for inspecting victims; evaluating the situation and taking in details, establish consciousness and if they do not answer check breathing, establish pulse. Now to call emergency services and commence resuscitation. Estonia shows presentation to explain algorithm for a variety of situations that may occur. Training - group work, creating work sheets, discussions (Estonian partner) – we continue work with the algorithm and prepare for exercises based on these algorithms.


On the third day we started with Plan for the day (Norwegian partner) – Norwegian partner presents a short video from one of their kindergartens. North Macedonia and Romania present their assignments from yesterday. Training - first aid techniques, group work and discussion – Estonia runs presentation on firstaid technique, we discuss differences in method between the partner countries. Half an hour is given to start development of worksheets to be used in our kindergartens. Before the break we have short presentations of progress on the worksheets thus far. Training - first aid techniques, group work and discussion – Estonia continues presentation on first-aid techniques, we attempt to establish an algorithm for children faced with a fracture situation. Estonia establishes algorithm with roleplay with an assistant and a first-aid doll. Establishing contact, check breathing, check pulse -> resuscitation. Training - first aid techniques, group work and discussions – we go through a short case from Estonia on how to establish potential unconsciousness due to blood-pressure and how to combat this. Partners present roleplayed cases for first-aid situations. Estonian partner assists and gives feedback on the situations presented. Reflections regarding methodology are discussed along with optimal method to apply when presenting roleplay to children. Homework assignments for the next time, arrangements about the upcoming Deadlines and assignments before next LTTA meeting in Bulgaria: - Situation descriptions need to be posted to Facebook so it can be brought from there to eTwinning. - Make instructional videos in partners languages with English subtitles. - Roleplay with children, fill in evaluation form after. - Create worksheets. - Dissemination plan due 1st of May 2021. LTTA in Bulgaria will be cantered on how to call for help.







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