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This project is to explore, select and describe different interesting games from seven European countries. To present and share the games that can be practiced by all kindergartens.

Let's share our games!


7 Participating countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy and North Macedonia     

Start: 01-09-2019 - End: 31-08-2021

Project Reference: 2019-1-BG01-KA201-062605

EU Grant: 97.780 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for school education



The project "Let's share our games!" consists of many different activities prepared by partner schools coming from North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Italy and Romania. Upon completion of the project, the knowledge gained from the combination of learning activities and games for educational purposes is the first asset to be maintained. Each intangible result related to emotions, pleasure and interest in the various games will provide increased competencies for both children and teachers. Teachers, for their part, will add these competencies to their daily teaching methods. In this way the innovative results of the project will be integrated into the pedagogical activity of the participating institutions and will serve as a good role model, inspiring other professionals in the field of education. The knowledge and experience gained from the teachers who participated will be shared among all staff members, so that new competences will be expanded and shared by everyone in the educational institution. We will use many different dissemination channels throughout the project and believe that this will provide a lasting impact on a wide range of interested parties even after the project is completed.



All Internet tools created during the project will be available online / the project site, Twinspace, mozaBook, Video Games, Photo Albums, Facebook Group, Google / after its completion, so the project results will remain accessible to all interested parties. They will be open for use by other education professionals because the eTwinning platform's website, the Facebook profile at each institution, the Twinspace created during project implementation will be retained after the funding is completed. Therefore, the project results will remain accessible to all interested parties in order to exchange good practices and to provoke interested parties and target groups to try out good practices. No additional resources will be needed.

Project details and partner data will be available on the EU Dissemination Platform for anyone wishing to learn more or contact participants. The connections that each participating partner has in the existing networks will ensure that the project results are disseminated as widely as possible.

All project activities will be stored in the institutions' archives for future use by all staff members, current or future. The partners will facilitate local education authorities and allow and organize the sharing of this international experience and their results with other local institutions that have never participated in such projects.





  • Forms and methods of interaction with parents - presentation - Here!
  • Favourite board games presentation - Here!
  • Sport games notebook - Here!
  • Music games notebook - Here!
  • Outdoor games notebook - Here!
  • How sport help to deal with the aggreesion - Here!
  • Creativity - Here!
  • Creativity with recycled materials - Here!

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  • Facebook page of the project - Here!
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