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I am a brave and helpful person - how to teach first aid to preschool children through value-based education and practical activities in the Kindergartens

I am a brave and helpful person - how to teach first aid to preschool children through value-based education and practical activities


5 Participating countries: Estonia, Norway, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia

Start: 01-09-2020 - End: 31-04-2022

Project Reference: 2020-1-EE01-KA229-078007

EU Grant: 118.615 EUR

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: School Exchange Partnerships


With this project our aim is to encourage children through values-based education to start noticing dangers around us, how to prevent them, how to act out in a case of an emergency and how be more caring towards each other. In addition we would like to arise teachers and adults awareness about how to have necessary skills, tools, knowledge about preventing dangers and giving first-aid and how to pass all that to our children.


The three main objectives of our project are:
• Children: children learn and experience through value-based education to notice everyday life dangers around them; how to prevent dangerous situations and how to help an injured person if needed.
• Teachers: teachers learn and share primary knowledge, use and create practical skills and tools to teach children to notice dangers from their everyday life, how to prevent them, how to call for help and how to give first aid if needed.
• Produce: free ware first aid kit (electronic material) in 5 different languages.


Regarding to this project we have a coordinating project team of 7 persons who will be in charge of running this project and partner countries such as Norway, The Republic of North Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria. Each partner will delegate 4 employees to each transnational project meeting. All our partners have participated at least in one Strategic Partnership and one of our partners, Romania, has an experience of being a project coordinator. We feel that our partners are a good fit for this project, because they bring diverse strengths, new insights and specific competences, as described separately in the partner organization sections.This phase of filling in the project application form has shown, that all the partners are highly motivated and ready to work towards common goal. We all stand by equality, diversity and involvement - our common interest is to prepare our teachers in that sense to be innovative, brave, motivated, highly skilled and collaborative.
During the project implementation phase we will have 5 transnational meetings and workshops where we will brainstorm and work out new materials (worksheets/games), come up with the situation descriptions and agree on terms of making educational videos according to the criteria we are currently implementing. We hope to make a great impression to our project partners and they will carry out the event in their own countries and that valuable tradition would spread all around the Europe! In between these transnational meetings we will have local project meetings to make local time-plan for implementing the work and eTwinning video meetings to make arrangements for upcoming training.


This project will teach participants how to use methodology and materials, that we will work out all together. We will work towards developing high quality early childhood education and care systems and our goal is to make first aid as a part of each participants kindergartens´ curriculum. Project partners will learn how to use project knowledge and materials in their everyday learning and teaching process. We consider it to be an asset for an organisation to develop and maintain sustainable learning process what this project will certainly endorse. We also believe there is a great need to work out practical materials which our teachers and children can use in their everyday life learning/ teaching process. Also it is a good material to use as a training material for staff. First aid kit will be used in organisations everyday learning and teaching process. It will be free ware to share with other kindergartens in participant countries because it will be both in english and their local languages.


There will also be local project blogs in each partners´ language that will have review and latest updates about our project work for all the target groups that are interested. At the same time we will have international webpage/blog running where we will post our activities in cooperation with our partners in English. Partners will write articles in schools magazines; do a Erasmus + space presentation panel to their kindergarten; and use similar ways to make our project work as visible and approachable for public as possible. The outcomes of the project, open license first aid kit, will be directly transferable to other educational institutions on primary level; youth centers; Centers for Extra - Curricular Activities schools, even on other public and private institutions that deliver services to the public. Our intentions is intensive dissemination and wide using of our final product to maintain our projects´ sustainability.



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